Twitter’s History with Malware, a Timeline [Infographic]

As soon as something becomes popular, it seems, people find a way to do something malicious with it. And Twitter is no exception. Twitter has seen concerted malware efforts since as early as April 2007, according to this infographic.

SecureList Blog, part of security software development company Kapersky Lab, released the “Twitter Malware Through Time” infographic this week to commemorate Twitter’s fifth birthday.

One of the first instances of malware on Twitter occurred after it rose to fame within the tech crowd at SXSW in 2007. In April of that year, nefarious types found a vulnerability in SMS authentication on Twitter which allowed for someone to update another person’s status through text message. While Twitter quickly plugged this hole, the malware fiends have been attacking hard ever since.

This cool visual representation of malware on Twitter shows you all of the major click-jacking, botnet, worms, hacks and other scams that evildoers have wrought on the growing social information network. Check it out below (click to enlarge).