Twitter’s Head Of Communications Sean Garrett Leaves Company

In yet another major departure, Twitter’s now-former Head of Communications Sean Garrett has announced that he’s leaving the company. And he did it (surprise, surprise) in a tweet.

In a series of tweets, Garrett (@SG) has been saying his goodbyes and thanks to all those in the Twitter-verse who have supported him in his role as Twitter’s head of PR.

The announcement came late Tuesday night, in tweet form:

It’s clear that Garrett hasn’t left Twitter to take a position anywhere else. He tweeted that he wants to complete “a killer sabbatical list”, so it’s likely that he’ll take plenty of time off before jumping into the world of PR again.

Garrett joined Twitter two years ago, in February of 2010. He built Twitter communications from having “no press list” to an 8 member team in his two years at the company.

Although Twitter recently hired Karen Wickre, ex-Google communications manager, for the editorial director role, there’s no word yet on whether she will be replacing Garrett or if someone else will step into his shoes.

This is the second major departure from Twitter this week. On Monday, Loren Brichter, the creator of the Twitter for iPhone app, left, and, like Garrett, he explained that he would “take some time to figure out what’s next.”