Twitter’s ‘Dronie’ of Patrick Stewart Is Social Gold

Generates immediate Cannes buzz

Headshot of Christopher Heine

Twitter is like every other digital platform and ad agency roaming Le Croisette in Cannes this week—it's trying to drum up new business. Showing the fun side of your brand and creating conversation-starters at these kinds of events certainly can't hurt.

So give the San Francisco tech giant credit today for its "#dronie" effort. Twitter has a flying drone hanging over Cannes that's taking Vine videos of attendees. Its first effort brilliantly featured award-winning actor and social media maven Patrick Stewart, which quickly garnered more than 550 retweets and favorites on Twitter.

Since this morning, the social media company has pushed out 14 "dronies," which play off of the selfies craze in name and entail a tweeted Vine. The dronies, so far, have either zoomed away from Cannes goers as the remote-control device darts into the stratosphere or zoomed in at folks from a lofty perch in the sky.

New York Times writer Nick Bilton posted a story two months ago about drone-based selfies. And now it seems like the whimsical social videos are becoming a thing.

Twitter's @Dronie account has attracted more than 2,600 followers in the few hours it has been live.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.