Twitter’s Hack Week Results In Another Hilarious Video

As we’ve mentioned before, Twitter hosts a quarterly Hack Week where employees take time away from their regular work to collaborate and come up with new ideas. Twitter encourages its employees to try new things around the company and work on projects they’re passionate about. Very cool.

This time around, some teams focused on learning coding and the result was another pretty hilarious video.

This quarter’s Hack Week focused on lots of things, no doubt – lots of secret things . . . but “one of the big hits of the week was #CodeClass, an accelerated curriculum on JavaScript and Front-End engineering. Experienced coders from other disciplines learned how to write interfaces for their projects, and beginning coders from every department got started in programming by learning HTML and JavaScript.”

Sounds boring, doesn’t it? Well, it’s actually a very smart move.

As Michael Jaconi, executive officer at Rakuten, one of the world’s largest Internet service companies in the world, shared today in a post on VentureBeat – everyone should learn how to code because “being smarter than the competition and building superior technology is the only way a company can succeed over the long term.”

Arming employees with this new skill set brings technical and non-technical teams closer together, and when employees know why products do what they do, the more intelligent they become in every element of business, from product planning to client communications, implementations, and customer support.

But back to Twitter. They get the importance of this skills exchange too (obviously), viewing it as an important part of Twitter’s culture.

They had a great turnout for #CodeClass, with more than 150 people participating in the three different levels. And their video production team even made a “very professional promo” and entirely hilariously video about it:



So tell us – do you see the value in learning to code?

(Woman laughing image from Shutterstock)