Twitter’s Certified Products Program Adds New Members, A New Manager And New Verticals

Are you a disgruntled developer who did not fit the new and improved Twitter mold for coveted API access? Maybe you’re still hanging on by a thread, hoping something will change. Or maybe you were cast out like a black cat on Halloween.

Either way, take heart, you red-headed stepchild: there is hope for you yet. Twitter will soon be adding new verticals to its certified products program and that could result in Twitter saying “I choose you!

Twitter launched the Certified Products Program in August of 2012 and it was chock-full of helpful information, detailing requirements that developers would have appreciated learning MUCH sooner. It shared what kinds of products and services Twitter wanted (and, by extension, didn’t want).

And today they added nine new “members.”  

  • ShoutletSpredfast and Sprout Social make it easier for large and small businesses to manage their Twitter presence — for example, by allowing multiple team members to respond to customer’s Tweets from one Twitter account.
  • Adobe Social, with its deep integration in the Adobe Marketing Cloud, allows marketers to understand how their Tweets drive value.
  • Percolate and Rallyverse help brands create meaningful and engaging Tweets.
  • SysomosSimply Measured and Visible Technologies build analytics products that help companies better understand what people are saying on Twitter.

And not only that, they’ve hired a Certified Product Manager – say hello to Zach Hofer-Shall (@znh). “Zach will be identifying products that qualify for certification and building out new verticals.”

So in case you don’t fit into one of the three current categories: engagementanalytics and data resellers – you still have a shot at being a Twitter business partner.

We’ll keep an eye out for these new verticals and will let you know when they’re announced. In the meantime, you can apply for  “certified product” status here.

(Certified image from Shutterstock)