Twitter/Google Maps Mashup Highlights Protests in Libya, Bahrain

A tech-savvy engineer has developed a Twitter/Google Maps mashup app to display in near-real-time tweets about the protests in the Middle East and North Africa from people on the ground and around the world.

Middle East Protest Tweets – Mapped is the work of self-proclaimed Google Maps enthusiast Virender Ajmani, who you can follow on Twitter at @mibazaar.

The map displays the most recent tweets from or about one of the countries currently in the news for its protests and political strife: Egypt, Iran, Libya and Bahrain. You can choose one of these countries, and the map will center in on it and begin displaying tweets at five second intervals. Tweets tagged with the country’s hashtag (i.e. #Libya or #Egypt) are included in the mashup, and those with geolocation enabled will be displayed over the city from which the user tweeted. If the tweet came from outside of that particular country or has no geolocation information, it will appear above that country’s capital.

This app will show you the most recent tweets from a region fraught with turmoil. As Twitter is one of the leading ways that people in these countries are getting their stories out, this mashup is a pretty useful tool to get a handle on the situation on the ground, and to hear commentary from around the world.

Ajmani has also created a Twitter/Google Maps mashup of the recent earthquake in New Zealand.