Keep Track Of Your Tweeting Stats With New Plugin From TwitterCounter

Keep Track Of Your Tweeting Stats With New Plugin From TwitterCounter

If you’re tweet-obsessed, we’ve got a new tool for you: TwitterCounter, a website which tracks user’s Twitter stats, has launched a plugin that will let you analyze stats about your – or anyone else’s – tweets right on

The plugin, available for Chrome and Firefox, provides users with details analytics about their tweeting habits, and recommendations for getting better engagement and interaction.

Once installed, the plugin will display information about a tweet’s performance, followed by some recommendations. Below this, you’ll see a graph of interactions which compares the engagement rate (measured by retweets and favorites) of this particular tweet to the five before it and the five following it in the timeline. It also displays the average number of retweets and favorites that user receives per tweet.

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The stats could be quite useful if you are using Twitter for marketing, as they provide an at-a-glance snapshot of how tweets perform. This not only gives marketers access to important information about how their own content is performing, but can also offer insight into competitors, industry leaders and influencers.

There are other solutions out there that offer simple analytics, but it’s handy that this comes in plugin form. The Twitter insights it provides are immediately visible, without having to navigate to another web app or program.

Visit TwitterCounter’s plugin page to download and try out this new Twitter tool.

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