Twitterati Cries Foul Over New Mobile Ad Tool

Twitter’s devout user base is fired up over the company’s new push into mobile advertising.
Over the weekend, the company introduced Quick Bar, a toolbar which appears periodically on Twitter’s iPhone app, displaying trends and ads. According to, users are complaining vociferously—so much so that Twitter has agreed to tweak Quick Bar, moving it to the top of the app rather than on top of a user’s stream of tweets.
But the company is not about to ditch the Quick Bar ads.
The strategy to place semi-intrusive ads is a bit of a departure for Twitter, which thus far has been fairly reserved when it comes to advertising. Products like Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends have been specifically designed to blend in with organic, user-driven activity on the site.
It’s also interesting to note that Twitter has moved aggressively into mobile advertising, while social media’s 800-pound gorilla, Facebook, has never run an ad on its iPhone app, which is easily one of the most popular apps on the iPhone.