Twitter And Yahoo: Friends Or Foes?

Yahoo recently announced it would be showing tweets in its real-time search results – and that’s awesome for everyone involved, Yahoo, Twitter, you, me – and should worry Google.

But maybe Twitter should actually be a bit worried too, because Yahoo obviously plans to be at the top of the technology pyramid and one of the companies it must step on in its climb to the top is its new friend, Twitter.

And this has been made crystal clear by Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr.

The Atlantic created this (unscientific) chart showing where Twitter, Tumblr and others land in the race to be #2 behind Facebook:

And take issue if the numbers all you like, the story it tells is largely the same regardless: Tumblr and Twitter are serious  contenders for #2 and the new friendly partnership between Yahoo and Twitter, which seemed to favor Twitter a few short days ago, now appears to have tipped in Yahoo’s favor.

Yahoo is a pretty powerful news network, providing results far superior to Google and the addition of real-time tweets makes it more so. Will folks search Twitter first for news once real-time tweets start popping up – or will the go straight to Yahoo where they’ll find the best of the web?

Combine THAT with the popularity of Tumblr and the seamless integrations that will likely take place, encouraging even more Yahoo usage and you have Tumblr displacing Twitter as Yahoo puts the hurt on Google.

Or maybe not. Tumblr and Twitter are very different, of course – but one never knows how the tide may turn online. In this acquisition game the players are unpredictable. What’s next? Facebook buying Bing? Google breathing new life into Blogger? Twitter teaming with AOL? Who knows?

Any way you slice it, digital media folks will be busy keeping on top of the changes as the happen.

(Image from Shutterstock)