Activist Groups Petition Twitter to Reveal Its Workplace Diversity

Activist Groups Petition Twitter To Reveal Its Workplace Diversity

Twitter is being pressured by several civil rights groups to reveal a report of its workplace diversity, following similar reports from companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and LinkedIn.

Organizations like Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition and are focusing their efforts on Twitter, calling for the company to reveal demographic information about its workforce, as well as to host a public forum on initiatives it will take to increase its employee diversity.

Appropriately, the organizations are using Twitter itself to call for the company’s diversity information. As Silicon Beat reports, tweeting began on Thursday at the Netroots Nation conference in Detroit using the hashtags #disclosetwitterdatanow and #twitterdata.

There is also a petition circulating to members of the coalition, asking for signatures to compel the social network to reveal its demographic data.

USA Today reports that Twitter is the most racially diverse social network – including Facebook – with 41 percent of its users identifying as either Black, Hispanic or Asian American. However, of Twitter’s senior executives, 9 out of 11 are white males, while only one is female.

Twitter is remaining tight-lipped about the issue, reportedly saying that they had nothing to announce “at this time.”

Jackson responded to this lack of transparency:

“It is ironic that Twitter is still resisting releasing this information. We are over-indexed on Twitter as users and we are under-indexed as employees.”

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