Twitter Will Now Train Politicians on Tweeting Habits

A job posting by Twitter in July has just been filled, and it heralds a new, more political, branch of the micro-blogging platform. Adam Sharp, pictured here, will be Twitter’s first D.C.-based employee, and he will be sidled with dealing with the political elite in Washington, on behalf of Twitter.

Forbes reports the Sharp has plenty of experience in Washington’s media sphere. He left his position as Executive Producer of Digital Services at to join Twitter, and before that worked for four years as Deputy Chief of Staff for U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. Politically bent, Sharp is a smart hire for Twitter’s Washington liaison.

Sharp was hired in response to a July 2010 government liaison job posting on

Twitter makes it very clear that Sharp will not be a lobbyist or similar on behalf of the company in Washington. He is more of an advisor to the political elite, likely signing up new politicians who want to get in on social media, and helping others gain exposure, followers, and navigate the sometimes choppy waters of tweeting etiquette.

Forbes also notes that AllThingsDigital reported a Twitter “Hollywood guy” hire a few days ago.

Add these hires to the rumors that Twitter will be expanding into the UK with Promoted Tweets and a new office in the coming months, and you’ve got a pretty clear picture. Twitter is expanding, quickly. The company is tackling elite, high-powered politician and celebrity Twitter users, and it is looking to expand globally, too.