Twitter Will Keep Getting Bad Press for Its Female Problem

We’re not saying that Twitter needs to start moving on this issue; everything on the monetary and service fronts seems to be going pretty well. But these quotes, delivered by former Bank of America executive Sallie Krawcheck at a Bloomberg event titled “The Year Ahead: 2014” have to hurt:

[The] lack of women on its board is “a joke”…”this is a fairness issue.”

…the situation is “just as bad” as the financial-services industry.

Carol Browner, one-time Obama adviser and EPA administrator, also had some choice words:

Women think differently than men and “can see problems they don’t see.”

The slow progress proves women still “have a ways to go” to gain equal footing in the business world.

Ouch. And reporters are going to keep writing about it, even though we have no doubt that CEO Dick Costolo would prefer that they stop.

You know what, guys? There is something you can do about this…

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