Twitter Will Add E-Commerce, Contests To Brand Pages

There are some changes coming to Twitter. According to multiple unnamed sources, the company is gearing up to add new features to brand pages, including e-commerce, contests and sweepstakes.

AdAge has the scoop on these new – and pretty hush-hush – features.

Twitter launched brand pages in December, as a way for brands to customize their Twitter presence. Brand pages have a unique and customizable header banner, as well as the ability to pin a tweet to the top of their timeline.

And now, it sounds like brands will be able to do even more with their Twitter page. AdAge cites three executives who discussed the upcoming changes to brand pages, which will change the very nature of brand-customer interaction on Twitter.

Here are the details of the rumored changes:

  • New features will include e-commerce capability, contests and sweepstakes
  • App developers will be able to build products for brand pages
  • The new features will be contained in the brand’s timeline, and will not be restricted to the 140-character limit of regular tweets
  • Twitter has been telling its clients to expect these new features within the year

Brand pages were launched to a select group of 21 advertisers in December, and expanded to others in early February. Twitter also announced that businesses could be transitioned to the new brand pages if they committed to a $25,000 ad spend over the next year.

In their current incarnation, brand pages are little more than regular Twitter profiles with a teensie bit more customization. However, if these new features do indeed surface, brand pages will become a lot more valuable. Businesses will be able to sell directly from within Twitter, and increase loyalty and engagement with contests and giveaways.