Twitter War Pits Sarah Silverman Against Steve Case

Kevin Smith wasn’t the only celebrity to get into a Twitter fracas during President’s Day weekend: Sarah Silverman was none too happy with some of the reaction to her controversial speech at the TED2010 conference, and she ended up sparring with AOL co-founder and former CEO Steve Case via the microblogging service, Gawker reported.

Silverman’s speech touched quite a few nerves for many reasons, among them repeated use of the word “retard.” TED curator Chris Anderson sent this tweet (since removed) from his @TEDChris account, according to Gawker:

I know I shouldn’t say this about one of my own speakers, but I thought Sarah Silverman was god-awful…

Silverman retorted, via her @SarahKSilverman account:

Kudos to @TEDChris for making TED an unsafe haven for all! You’re a barnacle of mediocrity on Bill Gates’ asshole.

And then, as reported by Gawker, the fun started between Silverman and Case:


@sarahksilverman The sad thing is you’re not that funny. #TED


@SteveCase You should be nicer to the last person on earth w an aol account.


I left AOL 10 yrs ago. You need new material. RT @SarahKSilverman: @SteveCase You should be nicer to last person on earth w an aol account.


@SteveCase is 2005 10 yrs ago already?

This might be a fun one to watch.