Why Your Next Event Should Have A Twitter Wall

tweet wall

If you’re planning an event – like a conference, a lecture or a networking session – you’ll want to include a Twitter wall. Here’s why.

A Twitter wall displays tweets from audience members at your event, and is usually displayed in a prominent place throughout the entire event, either behind or beside conference speakers, in the main hall, or on a central wall. There are a variety of free and paid services that can help you create a visually-appealing Twitter wall, or you can create one yourself by displaying a Twitter search or hashtag using a projector.

Twitter walls encourage interaction among attendees

One of the most obvious reasons why a Twitter wall is a great idea is that it promotes an additional layer of interaction during your event. Participants can not only engage with each other face-to-face, they can also tweet to one another publicly. And realistically, they are probably already using Twitter to talk to each other while at the event, so why not give them a public venue for their discussions?

Since the discussions that occur on a Twitter wall are visible to all event attendees, they might pique conversations during lunch or designated networking times. They might also entice the more reluctant attendees to actually participate, thus amping up the overall buzz at your event.

Twitter walls remind attendees to use social media

The high-profile visibility of a Twitter wall also means that your audience will have a constant reminder to use social media throughout the event. They will tweet to each other frequently (who wouldn’t want to see their name up on the big screen?) and this means more exposure for you and your event.

The ideas shared on a Twitter wall are usually of a high caliber, since participants know that what they tweet will be visible to everyone else in the audience in real-time. Tweeters can challenge each other to intellectual debates, share innovative resources and expand on points made by your speakers – all publicly and as part of the fabric of your event.

Twitter walls extend the reach of your event

Lastly, a Twitter wall is a great way to promote your event to people and businesses beyond those actually in attendance. Since a good chunk of your event’s conversation will be happening on Twitter – and since anyone can view it if they know which hashtags or accounts to follow – the ideas generated in-person can spread far and wide on the social web. This means more exposure for you and your brand, and more opportunities for a community to develop.

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