Greed Is Good, But Tweets Might Be Better, Says Wall Street [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thanks to a new SEC ruling, Twitter will shortly be making its arrival on Wall Street, via Bloomberg, and Marketwired reached out to the investment community to gauge their reaction.

The bottom line? Investors under 40 mostly welcomed the news, with 70 percent believing the SEC ruling is beneficial to investors, and 60 percent say that they’re already actively using social media for investment research. More than half (53 percent) believe information provided by social media is “very credible”, and 80 percent believe that more companies will disclose information via social media.

On the flip side, just 18 percent of 40-65 year-olds consider social media a viable information source, and a big fat zero percent of over-65s feel the same way.

Moreover, companies are still slow to come around – almost three-quarters (74 percent) of large firms still block social media sites at work. Not that it really matter, as 57 percent of under-40s still regularly access these channels via their personal devices.

The infographic below takes a closer look at social media’s part in the future of investing.

(Source: Marketwired. Social media image via Shutterstock.)

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