5 Reasons Twitter Users Should Switch To Tumblr

We are resistant to change by nature, and I fondly remember the days when we scoffed at Facebook as “the next MySpace” or laughed at Twitter because “who cares about 140 character blurbs”. Well there’s a new boy in town and the derisive laughs sound like echoes of the past: his name is Tumblr and he wants your attention. Here are 5 reasons Twitter users should try out Tumblr.

No doubt you’ve been hearing the buzz about the blogging platform that allows users to easily post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their ‘tumblelog’. Maybe you’ve heard that they’re supporting 2,000,000 posts and 15,000 new users per day, but what makes it special? We take a look at the reasons Twitter users should switch to Tumblr below.

“Notes”: A Full List Of Everyone Who Reblogged or Liked The Post


One of the best features of Tumblr is the fact that when people like, reblog or share your post, it gets added to a “Notes” list that’s visible by yourself and anyone (of course you can turn it off for the public). This means I can see just how my popular posts got their viral spread, and it also allows me to make good friends easily by connecting with people that like my content. It’s a simple idea that’s certainly available on Twitter and other services, but it’s never been as easy as the “Notes” service in Tumblr.

Tumblr “Queue” System

Tumblr just released a service called “queue” which allows you to line up posts into your queue and have them posted over time, as you see fit. It’s similar to scheduling, but is absolutely simple to use. When you turn on queues, you can just keep sharing stuff on your Tumblr and know that it will stagger the posts “2 times a day between 9am and 9pm”, for instance. It’s a cool feature for people who blog a lot in short spurts. This service is available for Twitter through programs like HootSuite, but isn’t part of the default offering.

Completely Customizable Themes

Imagine posting all your ideas, videos and text, and having them displayable as a grid, where users can click each item and see a pop up of their full size. That’s the kind of theme freedom you have with Tumblr, who are clearly inspired by WordPress here, but make it a lot simple and give you a lot less headaches about compatibility. Take a look at this surf site for a quick example.


Create An Audio Post From Your Phone

This is a niche feature, but represents just how innovative Tumblr is as your personal blogging service. Tumblr lets you call in a post, and the service will turn it into an audio file and post it on your Tumblr. This would be great for following a great artist at their big show, and is the equivalent of a Tweet with a ton more personality. I’m sure some celebrity will make one of these some day and it will go hugely viral.

Ease of Posting and Consuming Videos


We all know that one of the main purposes of Twitter is to share multimedia, and more specifically, videos. In fact, we just reported that Twitter has emerged as the king of video referrals on the web. So for that reason, having a blogging service that easily allows me to post video URLs with just a click and have them show up as actual videos on my stream is cool. When someone browses my Tumblr, they watch the video with one click. Simple, and easy, and no doubt part of the inspiration for Twitter’s recent redesign.

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Also, I’m looking forward to a few Twitter flames 🙂