Autoplay Videos Might be Coming to #Twitter

Autoplay Videos Might be Coming to Twitter

Twitter is considering making videos shared on the platform play automatically in an effort to keep pace with Google and Facebook, reports Adweek.

Facebook has seen tremendous success with autoplay, logging one billion views per day with a “mind-boggling” completion rate (which measures whether a video was watched in its entirety) – which has seen the platform quickly catch up to Google’s YouTube.

But for Twitter, autoplaying video content in user timelines might lead to a revolt, certainly amongst veterans, as the platform moves further and further away from its traditional format.

Internally, the decision to move to autoplay is dividing management.

“It’s an argument that’s happening – a tug of war,” said one industry insider familiar with the matter.

What might sway the decision is, as usual, money. Twitter video ads are incredibly cheap compared to other social platforms – two cents per view compared to one dollar – and autoplaying video ads would be very attractive for brands.

“Think about what they would be able to do for the [Twitter] Amplify product,” the insider said. “They’d be able to sell on it like crazy.”

(Source: Adweek.)