Twitter Coming To Your Valentine's Day Candy

If those little heart-shaped Valentine’s Day candies weren’t dorky enough with their “Puppy Love” and “Soul Mate” taglines etched into the sugar, then this certainly takes the cake. The candy will soon include phrases that refrence the increasingly popular mobile social platform.

Twitter and Sweethearts candy have teamed up to release those classic heart-shaped treats this year with a twist: Now when you’re picking through the candies, you have a one-in-80 chance of pulling out a heart stamped with the simple request, “Text Me.”

Sounds romantic – in a geeky sort of way.

The idea came directly from Sweetheart’s base. The company last year conducted an online survey in which consumers suggested the next sweet, two-word message. “Tweet me” came in first followed by “Text Me”. I can only imagine the other suggestions from the survey. How about “Tech Me” for ultra geeky sexiness.

It’s yet to be seen if the “Tweet Me” message and campaign will go viral and be sent to countless admirers online on Valentines Day. Either way, I hope you still Tweet Me.