Over Half Of All Twitter Users Follow At Least Six Brands

Twitter revealed yesterday that its users are very interested in hearing the 140-character musings of companies: over half follow six brands or more, and 88 percent follow at least one.

Twitter’s vice president of global brand strategy Joel Lunenfeld spoke to a crowd at the AB MIXX advertising conference on Tuesday. Lunenfeld explained that Twitter users are eager to follow their favorite brands.

One of the major reasons why these users choose to follow a brand or two is because they’re looking for discounts and free stuff. They’re also interested in hearing about exclusive promotions – so if you’re managing a brand account, consider creating content that caters to these wants.

Techcrunch was able to speak to Lunenfeld after his presentation, discussing how receptive brands are towards advertising on the network. Lunenfeld explained that some brands do have a difficult time understanding the concept of “conversational advertising” that Twitter is best suited for. He went on to say that traditional advertising – like broadcasting a promotional video – is possible on Twitter too, but stressed that a big part of the advertising team’s duties was to educate advertisers on how to get the most out of their Twitter ads.

Lunenfeld said that Twitter is working on “more and more ways to get a message across inside a tweet,” to continue to grow in the future.

Do you follow any brands on Twitter? If so, why?

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