Twitter Helps Us Stay In Touch (Especially When We’re Miles Apart), Says Study [REPORT]

A new study has revealed how Twitter helps people stay in contact with friends, family and colleagues irrespective of where they are around the world.

Indeed, the further any two users are apart, the more likely it is that they will communicate with each other on a regular basis through Twitter.

The University of Illinois analysed 1.5 billion tweets sent by 70 million users over one month and discovered that people who mentioned or retweeted each other’s messages were separated by an average of 750 miles.

Moreover, the research noted that people who tweet each other the most regularly tended to be the furthest apart.

The report, published in the First Monday online journal earlier this week, also found that the average tweet contains just nine words, and 85 percent of tweets originate form just 15 percent of users.

Other key takeaways from the study:

  • The Indonesian capital Jakarta was the city where most tweets originated, accounting for 3 percent of all geotagged tweets
  • New York and Sao Paulo tied for second place
  • While people who are further apart tended to tweet each other on a more frequent basis, people who live closer together were more likely to be infrequent communicators on Twitter

(Source: BBC. Twitter image via Shutterstock.)