HOWTO: Find Your Twitter User ID Number (And Your Place In Twitter’s History)

Previously on AllTwitter we’ve written a couple of posts that looked at how independent analysis of the user ID numbers on Twitter has led to estimates that the network now has about 260-70 million registered profiles.

But what exactly are these user IDs, and how do you find yours?

Essentially, Twitter assigns a unique ID to each person as they join the network. This ID is a number, and started at number 1, and is currently above 300 million. But: that doesn’t mean that the current user ID specifies the exact number of users on the network. If only things were that simple. However, your number is somewhat indicative of when you signed up, inasmuch as you can compare your tally to anyone else and get an approximation of your place on the network, at least in a ‘I was here before you’ sense.

Thankfully, there’s a really easy way to find your user ID. All you have to do is visit this website, enter your username (no password needed), and away you go.

Yeah, it’s pretty uncivilized, but it does the job. And you can use it to find out anyone’s Twitter ID.

So: let’s talk numbers. We’ll start with the Twitter three. Jack Dorsey has the smallest Twitter number (I believe of anyone active on the network) – his user ID is 12.

(What happened to users 1-11? Nobody knows. Some say they turned on each other in a freakish, Twitter-esque take on the Stanford Experiment. Others, boringly, say they’ve been reserved for something else. Let’s hope it’s sinister.)

Biz Stone is right next to Jack with number 13. Evan Williams a few steps further on at 20.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is user number 6,385,432. Egg on his face.

Ashton Kutcher, the first Twitter user to one million followers, is Twitter ID number 19,058,681. Lady Gaga, the first Twitter user to ten million followers, is 14,230,524.

(I had to look this one up. It feels like Ashton has been on Twitter forever, whilst Gaga only recently signed up. The reality is Ashton joined on January 16, 2009, whilst Gaga goes all the way back to 26 March, 2008. A pioneer in so many ways.)

Barack Obama? 813,286, only just behind TechCrunch at 816,653. Mashable is 972,651. All of them are trounced by tech evangelist and early adopter extraordinaire Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer) who ranks an impressively low 13,348.

My number (@Sheamus) is 14,102,335. I joined Twitter 18 days before Lady Gaga, which means that, back in the heady days of March 2008, Twitter was accumulating about 7,000 users a day. Which just goes to show how much things have changed – that number is now up to half a million.

Visit and work out your Twitter ID. And if it falls somewhere between Evan Williams (20) and Robert Scoble (13,348), you should consider yourself a very early adopter indeed – it means you’re amongst Twitter’s first 0.005% of users.

(Image credit: iQoncept via Shutterstock.)