Twitter ‘User For The Month’ Scam

You’ve seen all the Twitter spam messages by now, we imagine, and you know to ignore them. You won’t get rich quick, lose tons of weight or win a free iPad when you click that link. And you know that claims of a negative post or picture of you are false.

We have another to add to the list: Twitter User for the Month.

When I received an email notifying me that I was Twitter’s “user for the month,” my first thought was “well, it’s about time!” I deserve a little Twitter love for my efforts – don’t we all?

I immediately knew it was a scam though, of course. It wasn’t from Twitter, for one – though it claimed to be from its “courtesy patrol.” And, well – just look at it:

I was tempted to text “Tweet” to the number provided though, just to see what happened. Kind of like when I was renting a place out in Boston and corresponded back and forth for a bit with a woman who wanted to rent it, site unseen, for more than I asked and even sent a (fake) check as a deposit! (Long story there, but was well worth wasting my time for.)

But alas, after doing a tiny bit of research before sending my “tweet” text, I decided not to – and here’s why: According to the Better Business Bureau, luring folks in with text scams is called “smishing” and you should NOT respond (even just to tease them like we know you do with those phone telemarketers) because “by doing so you are confirming your cell number is active making it ripe for future smishing attempts.” Ohhh.

And it’s called “smishing” because we’re talking about SMS text messages (SM) and not phone scams, which are called PHishing. Clever, hmm?

Have you ever received one of these messages? How did you handle it – or did you just ignore it?

(Scam image from Shutterstock)