Introducing Twitter University, A Hub For Engineers Fueled By Acquisition Marakana

In a two-pronged move, Twitter acquired open source training company Marakana and introduced Twitter University, a world-class technical training initiative for Twitter engineers.

In a blog post announcing the new program, Senior Vice President of Engineering Chris Fry wrote,

“Twitter University builds on several existing efforts at Twitter. We currently offer employees a whole swath of technical trainings, from orientation classes for new engineers to iOS Bootcamp, JVM Fundamentals, Distributed Systems, Scala School, and more for those who want to develop new skills. Most of these classes are taught by our own team members, and many of them have been organized during our quarterly Hack Weeks –– a testament to our engineers’ passion for learning and education….

Being able to continually learn on the job and develop a sense of expertise or mastery is a fundamental factor in success in the technology industry and long term happiness at a company. Twitter University will be a vital foundation for our engineering organization.”

In addition, Twitter has acquired Marakana, with whom they’ve apparently been working for several months, to lead the program.

Evidently the Marakana team has “cultivated a tremendous community of engineers in the Bay Area,” and Twitter plans on tapping into that pool at future meet-ups and technical events.

Through Twitter University, Twitter also plans on continuing its contributions to open source software, which includes releasing some Twitter University content online to anyone who’d like to learn.

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Fry concluded his blog, post,

“We want Twitter to be the best place in the world for engineers to work.”

A lofty goal – but a noble one!

(Laptop diploma photo via Shutterstock.)