Two-Thirds Of UK Twitter Users Follow A Newspaper Brand

Two-Thirds Of UK Twitter Users Follow A Newspaper Brand

A recent report shows that nearly 60 percent of the UK’s Twitter user base is following a newspaper brand in the UK, and that those who follow a newspaper brand are more affluent, more active tweeters and more likely to share and comment on current events.

The “NewsOnTheTweet” study, which was conducted by Newsworks and the UK’s newspapers, was meant to show the the symbiotic relationship between Twitter and current newspaper brands. The study highlights that 59 percent of Twitter’s 15 million UK users follow newspaper brands, 62 percent believe that Twitter news should be verified by a respected newsbrand and 60 percent of newsbrand followers say they follow brands they would not follow in print.

Twitter’s influence on UK newspapers has grown steadily over the last few years, with The Guardian reporting that Twitter was the main source of its social media traffic last year.

“We are delighted this joint research project with Twitter has helped us get under the skin of what we instinctively knew was a special relationship between newsbrands and Twitter,” said Rufus Olins, chief executive of Newsworks.

“We are immersed in news. We want to be the first to know and also to be guided by expert insight and interpretation. The combination of newsbrands and Twitter helps keep us informed and opinionated. The insights from this study show that Twitter and newsbrands are most definitely stronger together.”

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