How Is Twitter Being Used In The UK? [STUDY]

Twitter is well-established in the United Kingdom with some 80 percent of the country’s 10 million Twitter users accessing the platform via a mobile device.

UK users are also avid users of Twitter whilst watching television, commuting, shopping and even whilst in bed, and a new study has unveiled further insights into just how ingrained the micro-blogging platform has become within the British consciousness.

Of particular interest for marketers, the report revealed that almost one in every twenty-five tweets sent in the UK mention brands – equating to an incredible 12,600 tweets per minute – which is perhaps the greatest indication yet of Twitter’s growing value to modern business.

Brandwatch studied 10,000 randomly-selected tweets from the tail-end of 2012, and discovered that, overall, Twitter usage in the UK is approximately 62 percent engagement (replies and retweets) and 38 percent broadcast (open tweets).

Separate from replies, four percent of tweets include another @username, and more than one in five (22 percent) are retweets.

Female Twitter users are significantly more likely to tweet about “personal” matters, purchase experiences and enter competitions, while males complain more frequently.

TV/Film, Sport and Music are the most popular topics of conversation for UK Twitter users.

3.6% of all tweets mention brands, more than the number discussing music or celebrities, with food and drink, clothing and accessories and technology the most popular brand-related topics.

The report also noted that feedback on advertisements, particularly TV-based, is a regular discussion point for UK Twitter users.

(Source: Brandwatch.)