Twitter Soliciting Donations For Typhoon Haiyan Victims On Behalf Of NetHope

If you’ve logged onto recently, you might have noticed a small call-out at the top of your timeline encouraging you to donate to Typhoon Haiyan victims and survivors in the Philippines.

If you’re interested in clicking “Donate now,” here’s where that money goes to, and why Twitter’s involved.

With an estimated fatality count of 10,000 people, and almost 80% of structures in the storm’s path destroyed, Typhoon Haiyan practically decimated the Central Philippines islands.

Accordingly, many organizations throughout the world have risen to the cause, collecting funds for emergency food and clothing, medicine, shelter and more.

I noticed that when I clicked onto a few days ago, there was a call for donations to typhoon victims there as well. Here’s what it looks like:

NetHope works to improve communications between organizations and field offices in remote parts of the world and enable faster, better coordinated response from its member agencies (including ActionAid, Save the Children and other big-name NGOs) to man-made and natural disasters.

It’s a natural fit, then, for Twitter, as the social network has become the go-to information resource for on-the-ground first responders and victims struggling to connect with each other and gather intelligence.

And Twitter’s new Emergency Alerts have already expanded to the UK and Ireland, an indication that its use as an emergency tool is high-priority for the Twitter development team.

To keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the Philippines, follow #Haiyan on Twitter.

(Help Philippines image via Shutterstock.)

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