Twitter Takes Turkey To Court Over Ban

Twitter Takes Turkey To Court Over Ban

The Turkish government banned Twitter throughout the country last week and has increased the severity of the ban in recent days. Now, Twitter is challenging the block by filing petitions for lawsuits in Turkish courts to formally ask for the ban to be lifted.

Yep. Twitter is suing Turkey. In Turkey.

It’s something of a final measure for Twitter, who say that they have been “engaged in discussion with Turkish authorities” over the past six days to try and resolve respective differences, but to no avail. Turkey had already filed three court orders of its own against Twitter, two of which Twitter has already managed itself as they were a breach of their own rules. However, Turkey also wants Twitter to remove an account that accused a government minister of corruption, and as Twitter is all about freedom of speech – especially in the political sphere – they’re not willing to do that.

At least not wholly – Twitter has hidden the offending account in question from Turkish users as a kind of compromise for now, which seems a bit redundant in light of their free speech argument and the fact that Twitter is blocked in Turkey anyway. But that’s not good enough for the Turkish authorities, so over to the courts it is.

With all announced bases for the access ban addressed, there are no legal grounds for the blocking of our service in Turkey. Furthermore, with positive developments today concerning judicial review of this disproportionate and illegal administrative act of access banning the whole of Twitter, we expect the government to restore access to Twitter immediately so that its citizens can continue an open online dialogue ahead of the elections to be held at the end of this week.

(Source: Twitter Blog.)

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