Anonymous Twitter Troll Made Public By Victim

Ever get harassed by an anonymous troll on Twitter and wonder what it would take to figure out who it is?

Brian Cormier just found out. It takes approximately $7k.

But he’s fighting to get that money back – from his newly revealed ‘no-longer-anonymous’ friend.

When you check out Brian Cormier’s Twitter description and accompanying website, you see a professional. He is self-described as the president of BriCor Communications and a “writer, editor, PR counsel, columnist (Hump Day, Social Media Matters, Idol Chatter), blogger and proud Rotarian.” Not really the kind of person you’d expect to be bullied online, but it appears that he was.

You can read the whole story on his blog, but here’s a summary:

A person, who has now been identified as Mark DeBow, (according to Brian), “[sent] me hate mail” and “this same individual spread lies about me on Twitter using the anonymous account @ProfessorTanked.”

The comments and posts began in June of 2011. Brian tried alerting Mark’s employer (after tracking back the IP address) but the comments continued.

Finally, when the tweets escalated to then-anonymous Mark allegedly threatening to confront Brian in public at a Rotary Club meeting, Brian felt physically threatened (who wouldn’t?) and went before the court to petition Mark’s former employer to release his identity. And what do you know – the court agreed.

The comments on Brian’s post about this matter are worth a read, with no-longer-anonymous-Mark’s former employers (one is a contract company working for another it seems) leaving notes requesting Brian stop posting their names and leave the issue alone:

“I am sorry that you are upset and have felt threatened. I guess that I would urge you do let the matter end. It might be best.”

Interesting, hmm? What would you do if you were Brian?

(Sad paper bag face image from Shutterstock)