Twitter Triggers Are Once Again Active On IFTTT

IFTTT (If This Then That), the service that curates, automates and organizes digital information, has re-introduced four Twitter Triggers that you can use to power your recipes.

After the Twitter-related functionality of IFTTT was yanked in September 2012 due to Twitter’s API restrictions, the two platforms made nice and Twitter Triggers are back.

You can now concoct “If… Then” recipes on IFTTT using the following four Twitter Triggers:

– New tweet by you

– New tweet by you with a certain hashtag

– New link by you

– New favorite tweet by you

So any time you do any of the above, you can use IFTTT to trigger another action. A few example recipes using the Twitter Triggers:

In a blog post announcing the update, the IFTTT team wrote, “This is only the beginning!” It’ll be exciting to see what additional Twitter capabilities the service will offer moving forward.

Will you use IFTTT for any Twitter-related recipes?

(IFTTT image via IFTTT.)