Twitter Adds 70 New Countries And Cities To Trends

Over on the official Twitter blog there’s a post about an expansion on the local trends feature on, which has added 70 new countries and cities to the resource.

We first launched Trends as a useful way for people to find out what topics are being talked about around the world, right now. Early last year, we added Local Trends to make it easier to find more locally relevant topics in specific countries and metropolitan locations. Today, we’re adding Trends for more than 70 new cities and countries – bringing the total number of locations to more than 100.

You can browse these new locations by clicking “change” in the Trends sidebar on You’ll see and be able to select among a wide array of cities and countries, including Santiago, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, South Africa, Japan and many more. And, of course, you still have the option to see worldwide Trends.

I have my trending topics set to United Kingdom as that’s only slightly less useless to me than Worldwide or London, given that nobody lives in the first place and what’s trending in London isn’t relevant to me at all. Even though it’s less than 60 miles away, it’s a completely different culture – local has to be local or it’s something else entirely. And to be honest even if I could have local I wouldn’t be interested as I come from a relatively small town. If you live somewhere like New York City you probably feel differently. But for me (and many others), who cares?

What I want, and what I think we all need, as I’ve said before, is trending topics by network, as this gives you control over a group of individuals you have already vetted and (presumably) respect. Anything else is just more noise.