The Top 10 Twitter Trends Of 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Another year has come and gone and Twitter, and it’s been bigger and better than ever – literally billions of tweets have been sent and received.

But out of that vast amount of data, which topics were the most popular? Which celebrities got the most mentions? Which movies and TV shows received the biggest amount of buzz? And which news events captured our attention?

What The Trend, a web-based service that tracks trending topics on Twitter (and who were acquired by HootSuite in September), analyzed 207,518 Twitter trends in 2011 to determine the most popular topics of the year.

The leading trends were grouped by topic and top ten lists for movies, US TV shows, musical artists, sports events and news were created, as well as an overall list.

As you might expect, the results are dominated by truly ghastly stuff pop culture phenomenons such as Justin Bieber, Harry Potter, Twilight and Glee, but one or two surprises have made the cut, too.

After all, who expected any of the Jonas Brothers to still have a career by the end of 2011?

(Source: HootSuite blog. Top image credit: Guido Vrola via Shutterstock.)