Twitter Transparency Report: Information, Removal, Takedown Requests All Rise, U.S. Worst Offender

First published in July 2012, Twitter has unveiled the latest edition of its bi-annual Transparency Report, which takes a closer look at requests that Twitter has received for account information, government requests for content removal and copyright notices, including any action Twitter has taken.

In the new instalment, Twitter notes that the U.S. remains far and away its biggest requester of information, and reveals that, in the past six months, they have increased the countries in which they are withholding content from two to seven. Additionally, they have un-withheld content for the first time over that same period.

The report is separated into three sections:

  • Information requests – government requests for information
  • Removal requests – government requests for the removal of information
  • Copyright notices – DMCA takedown and counter notices

Information requests rose to 1,157 requests from 1,009 in the previous six months. 78 percent of all requests received came from the U.S., which ranked a long way above Japan (8 percent) and the United Kingdom (3 percent).

Removal requests also rose, up to 60 requests from 42 in the last report, and was led by Brazil, with 9 requests.

Finally, copyright notices climbed significantly, reaching 5,753 requests over the first six months of 2013, up 76 percent from the latter-half of 2012.

In their report, Twitter concludes that:

We may not be allowed to provide notice to users in all situations or win every fight we take up on behalf of our users, but Twitter remains steadfastly committed to being transparent about requests we’ve received and the resulting actions we’ve taken.

(Source: Twitter blog.)