Twitter Transparency Report: 2,871 Account Info Requests, up 40%

Government removal requests climbed a whopping 84 percent, led once again by Turkey.

Twitter Transparency Report: 2,871 Account Information Requests, up 40%

Twitter has released its latest Transparency Report, a bi-annual update that highlights trends in government requests for account information and content removal, as well as copyright notices (both takedown and counter notices).

From July 31 to December 31 of last year, information requests from governments are up 40 percent, totalling 2,871 requests, compared to 2,058 in the first six months of 2014.

Removal requests climbed a whopping 84 percent, led once again by Turkey, while DCMA copyright takedown notices jumped 81 percent.

Jeremy Kessel, senior manager of global legal policy at Twitter, writes about the company’s commitment to this cause on the official Twitter blog.

Providing this level of transparency is not without its complications and sometimes means we get tough questions and criticism about our decisions. However, this candid feedback helps us to be evermore thoughtful about our policies and decisions regarding content and compliance as we navigate complex, diverse legal regimes around the world. As more companies consider publishing or expanding their own reports, we strongly encourage them to join us and our peers at Google, Vimeo, WordPress and Wikimedia in publishing government removal demands. The global community deserves this level of transparency from its governments and its service providers.

(Source: Twitter.)