How Marketers Can Track Any Link Shared By Anyone On Twitter

So you’ve written a fantastic blog post or issued that all-important press release, and now you’re sending it to Twitter. What next? How do you track interest and figure out who is sharing your content? And what about the content of your biggest competitors?

Good news. Twitter’s search functionality can look for and return results for any URL that has been shared on Twitter. Moreover, the search algorithm is smart enough to look inside many of shortened URLs that are used on Twitter (i.e.,, etc). These queries can be combined alongside Twitter’s advanced search operators, making this a very powerful tool, particularly for marketers and researchers.

How To Search For Links On Twitter

1. Sign in to *
2. Enter the full or partial URL that you wish to search for into the search box at the top of the page
3. Add any other search operators as required
4. Click the search magnifying glass

* Signing in isn’t essential but will allow you to save your search for future use

Searches for links display in reverse-chronological order, and Top Tweets, those that Twitter’s algorithm has determined are of or sent by users with the most value, at the top. Where available Twitter will also display photos and other media that have been shared alongside the link.

Leave the search open and it will continue to update throughout the day, prompting you to click to see new results. Save the search and you can re-use it at any time.

You can also search for tweets that do not include domains or URLs that you wish to exclude, simply by putting a minus in front of the domain or URL. Example: keyword


Searching for links on Twitter has numerous practical uses for marketers and brands, including:

  • Tweets that included a link to your domain (example:
  • Tweets that included a link to your blog (example:
  • Tweets that included a link to your latest blog post (example:
  • Tweets that included a link to a product (example: or products (example: on your ecommerce site
  • Tweets that included a link to your customer support page (example:

Moreover, all of these searches can be performed on links shared on Twitter to competitor brands, products and services, as well as industry links, research and more. Experiment with what works for you and optimise as necessary.

(Search image via Shutterstock.)