Twitter Tops Downtime for Social Networks

Pingdom has released their social network downtime report and Twitter ranks atop the list. On a month by month basis though Twitter has been improving their overall uptime. On average Twitter is up 98.72 percent of the time. So if you are noticing all of the downtime by Twitter you are using the service a little too much!

Bebo has also recovered from the substantial downtime they were experiencing when their platform first launched. The social network with the least downtime was MySpace. This is impressive for a site that was once defined by the substantial amount of downtime it experienced on an almost daily basis. While most websites suffer downtime, social networks typically get the most buzz about downtime because of the substantial amount of traffic.

Overall there wasn’t much surprising data in the report. 99.9 percent uptime has become an industry standard for hosting providers and internet users have come to expect maximum uptime from all the services they are subscribed to. One thing to note is the impressive showing from Facebook considering the continued exponential growth that the site has experienced over the past couple months.

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