When A Bio Isn’t Enough: Cool Visualization Shows You What People Tweet About

If you’ve been following our advice here on AllTwitter, you’ll have a nicely targeted, accurate and succinct bio attached to your Twitter profile. But for some, reading a potential follow’s bio doesn’t shed enough insight into what they actually tweet about, and thus whether they’re worth following or not. And so enters this funky visualization tool, that will show you via a word cluster exactly what anyone you’re interested in tweets about most.

Brought to you by Jeff Clark (@jeffclark) of Neoformix, the Tweet Topic Explorer will show you what topics someone tweets about the most, and what other topics these are most often associated with.

The tool uses a word cluster diagram to show different topic areas that a particular Twitter user covers. Larger circles mean that topic is tweeted about more often, and circles that are clustered together and sharing the same color mean that those topics are often discussed together.

Take a look at the AllTwitter Tweet Topic Explorer below:

Obviously, our most-tweeted topic is Twitter. We also talk about tweets a lot, in combination with followers, ads, search and more. Another one of our word clusters shows that we tweet about tips, help, and other topics quite frequently.

The Tweet Topic Explorer not only shows you the topics that a user consistently discusses, but it also allows you to drill down and look at the recent tweets that include only one of the topics in the word cluster, displaying up to 800 of that user’s most recent tweets.

This is a fantastic tool if you’re looking for some raw information on a Twitter user and what they tweet about. It’s also quite fun to search for your own name, and compare what you tweet about to what you say you tweet about in your bio.