Twitter To Recruit

Everyone is simply ga-ga over Twitter these days. We’re seeing it used in a variety of capacities from news commentary to newspaper mastheads .
Now companies have found a great new use for Twitter, recruiting. The digital marketing agency Organic has all but replaced their job board postings with Twitters. In an article for AdAge, Organic’s Director of Human Resources, Tracy Cote, and Traci Armstrong, Organic’s Director of Talent Acquisition, sing the praises of their new recruiting tool.

Twitter enables us to focus on passive candidates, by following someone we may not yet know. We can nano-target qualified candidates and cultivate relationships well before we have an open position, engaging in thoughtful dialogue by responding to their tweets.
Once we have an opening that might be a fit for a Twitter friend, rather than making a cold call to a stranger, we can make a “warm tweet.” We can talk to someone with whom we’ve already interacted, who already understands a bit about Organic based on tweets that cover Organic’s culture, work and news items. It’s less like a blind date and more like a first date with someone you’ve already met.

Don’t get too passionate about it though, according to recruiting experts at JobsinPods, there is an etiquette and protocol to Twitcruiting. You can’t just throw out Tweets and hope applicants will respond.
Not every company has a standard Twitter account yet. If you want your tweets to represent your company you need to have one person maintaining your account. Their post should be reflective of your company brand. You also have to engaging in conversation. Passive voyeurism might be fine for scoping out candidates, but if you want to start attracting people, you have to get involved in the Twitter community. Don’t become a spam tweeter. Vary your message, don’t harass potential recruits and make sure everything your say is poignant and interesting. For more tips on how to become an expert Twitcruiter check out the full JobinPods article here.