Twitter To Aggressively Build Sales Staff In Japan, According To CEO

Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo, spoke to reporters in Tokyo today about Twitter’s plans to aggressively grow its presence in Japan.

Bloomberg reports that Costolo is looking to expand Twitter’s office in Japan to include more engineers and sales staff. Although he didn’t specify numbers, the additions will likely be significant.

Japan has the third-largest tweeting population with 29.9 million accounts created before January 1st, behind the US and Brazil.

Twitter has had a close relationship with Japan since its early days. Japanese was the first language outside of English that Twitter was translated into, and Twitter’s first country manager was located in Japan. Twitter also chose Japan as the third country – after the US and the UK – to receive brand pages. And, Twitter has partnered with several Japanese companies, like Yahoo! Japan and Mixi, to raise its profile in the country.

Expanding its Japanese office makes sense for a company with so much love in Japan. By increasing its sales staff, Twitter will be able to match the massive growth in users with advertisers eager to get their 140-character sales pitches in front of those tweeting eyeballs. And the addition of more engineers will ensure that Twitter’s fail whale doesn’t pop up too often.

While speaking in Tokyo, Costolo also declared that Facebook’s purchase of Instagram won’t affect its strategy. He stated that Twitter won’t be pressured into making a rash acquisition just because its main rival did:

“We will make sure that we execute on the strategy that we have and not one that’s been laid down for us based on events that happen in the marketplace.”

Costolo also said that Twitter’s broad plan for the future is to expand its API so that developers can continue to build on its platform and enhance the Twitter experience.