Twitter To Add Support For Right-To-Left Languages

The volunteers in Twitter’s Translation Center are hard at work today. That’s because the company just enabled support for right-to-left languages, like Arabic and Farsi, for and its mobile versions to be translated into.

Twitter is working with volunteers who donate their time and efforts translating and its other properties into various languages through the Translation Center.

Announced about a year ago, the Translation Center is part of Twitter’s strategy to make itself more relevant globally. It began with support for English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish, and shortly thereafter added support for Indonesian, Russian and Turkish.

Altogether, more than 425,000 volunteers have worked on translating Twitter into one of the 22 total languages it is currently offered in.

The new right-to-left language groups will help Twitter expand quickly. Through the volunteers in the Translation Center, Twitter will soon offers support for Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu.

The translations are not translations of every tweet that is seen by someone speaking a certain language; each translation is only for the text on the actual website and apps, such as the welcome screen, the home page, side bar and other elements.

Volunteers in the Translation Center can translate,, Twitter for iPhone, Twitter for iPad, Twitter for Android, Twitter Help and the Twitter Business Center.

Twitter expects the right-to-left languages to be available to all users on later in the spring of this year.