Tips For Getting More Tweets As A Conference Speaker [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’ve ever spoken at a conference, or even just attended one, you know what a great opportunity it is for building connections – on and offline. Speakers especially have the opportunity to come away with hundreds more social connections, including brand new Twitter followers.

But how do you maximize the impact of your speaking engagement on Twitter? We’ve got nine tips for you below.

This infographic comes to us from Krista Neher, and outlines nine simple steps you can take to get more tweets next time you speak at a conference or event.

For example, tip #1 is “Think in Sound Bites”, and it’s a good one. If your presentation is prepared with Twitter in mind from the beginning, you’ll naturally create 140-character friendly tidbits throughout your slides that people can easily tweet.

Reminding people to tweet is another great, simple, and often overlooked tip for conference speakers. A simple “if you enjoyed this presentation, please tweet it!” can encourage conversations about your content on Twitter – and can get you a slew of new follows yourself.

Read more tips about hashtags, photos and nametags in the infographic below:

(Infographic courtesy of Krista Neher; Microphone image via Shutterstock)