Twitter Testing New “TV Trending” Feature For Some Users

We are officially in the age of social TV, one in which 40% of American smartphone and tablet users log onto a social network – read: Twitter – when tuning into the tube.

And with last month’s global launch of Twitter TV Ad Targeting, a new service designed to enable Twitter and TV ad campaigns to be synchronized, Twitter and TV’s symbiotic relationship is stronger than ever.

Read on for the latest development.

As Mashable reports, Twitter is currently testing a new “TV Trending” feature for some users, highlighting the most-discussed TV shows in real time.

For those users, trending TV shows appear as Twitter cards at the top of the timeline, along with info and top tweets about the programming.

In addition, the new “TV Trending” function lets you scroll through to find more shows to view tweets about.

Could this beta-mode functionality be a direct result of Twitter’s February acquisition of Social TV analytics company Bluefin Labs, or its partnership back in December with Nielsen to create the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating?

(Mobile TV image via Shutterstock.)