Twitter Taunts Ill-Fated Titanic II Idea [VIDEO]

Why are the words “billionaire” and “eccentric” so commonly found in the same sentence?

Maybe because billionaires like Clive Palmer say they want to “build a boat” and mean “Titanic replica.”

Clive Palmer has a dream – and he’s a billionaire so that dream seems likely to become a reality.

He has set plans in motion to build a Titanic replica, to the delight of Twitter comedians everywhere:

And my personal favorite:

Oh and the best part of this plan? You’ll get to dress up like they did back then and experience in-your-face classism (as opposed to the subtle distinctions you see every day). Because we all know nothing says “vacation” to rich people like sailing around in a boiler room and pretending to be poor, hmm? Forbes details more:

[Palmer] is making the first full-scale reenactment of the 20th century. Passengers will be supplied with authentic period costumes appropriate to their ticket class (first, second and third) and they will eat and socialize with others of their caste. Palmer himself waxes poetic about the Irish Stew and Jig dancing he plans to experience while slumming in the steerage. ”That’ll be where the most fun will be,” he told Sky News.

According to Palmer, folks are clamoring to land a spot on its maiden voyage. Interesting. Maybe we could fix the U.S. economy by recreating historical periods where rich people pay to experience “poor” realities. Has anyone considered this?

And if you can spare a cool million to buy a ticket by the way, you may be interested in his other wonderfully well thought out idea: cloning dinosaurs.

As Smithsonian Magazine reasons, “[w]ith any luck visitors will some day be able to ride the Titanic II to the real life Jurassic Park. What could possibly go wrong?”

In my opinion? Nothing. All the crazy people will either drown or be eaten.

Here’s the video detailing the thinking behind building this “boat” billionaire-style (he speaks of building a boat at 58 seconds, FYI).

(Burn money image from Shutterstock)