Twitter Suspends Hamas Account Because Terrorism Sucks

hamas-twitter-161112ICYMI over the weekend, Twitter was busy “God Blessing America” when it suspended the microblog account for Hamas, the Palestine terrorist group opposing Israel and all that implies.

According to the linked story from the New York Times, “the blockaded Palestinian territory ruled by Hamas, the Islamist militants used their now-suspended @AlqassamBrigade Twitter account to reply directly to messages from @IDFSpokesperson, the official account of the Israel Defense Forces.”

See there? DMs aren’t always a good thing, kids. To wit, you can imagine the happiness from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) when this news broke internationally.

In fashionable fun, they tweeted the news…

Not wanting to be outdone in this all-too-sad-and terribly-tragic tale of “I know you are but what I,” Hamas responds to that ‘shots fired’ tweet:

Of course, as you can read in the story, Hamas constructed its 4th Twitter account and went back to spamming their much-hated neighbors. And blah, blah, blah. Same sad song, different even sadder verse. Sigh. Where’s Rodney King or Dennis Rodman when you need them?