The Two Essential Elements Of Any Good Twitter Strategy

The Two Essential Elements Of Any Good Twitter Strategy

A Twitter strategy can be a complex or as simple as you desire, but there are two key elements that no strategy should be without.

1. Communicating
Whether you’re tweeting as a brand or as yourself, you need to actually tweet to get any real traction on Twitter.

Communicating with your followers is one of the best ways to gain exposure and attention – two things you’ll need if you’re selling a product or using Twitter for branding.

Actually writing tweets and responding to those who mention you is a huge part of any Twitter strategy. And, depending on your goals for using Twitter, it can be the main emphasis of your strategy – just make sure you’re not relying on Twitter as a one-way broadcasting medium, and are, in fact, treating it like the two-way communication channel that it is.

2. Listening
The second piece in the Twitter strategy puzzle is listening. This involves not just checking your notifications for people mentioning you in their tweets, but understanding how to leverage Twitter’s keyword search and the reams of data that go with it.

Some of the best customer service Twitter accounts, for instance, emphasize the listening side of their strategy to capture all of the questions and concerns their customers have. They’re not focused on communicating brand values as much as they are on listening to what their customers have to say.

A Twitter strategy should reflect your goals and objectives, and will inevitably contain a mix of communicating and listening – the proportions will vary, however, based on how your strategy takes shape.

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