Twitter Launches “Twitter Stories” To Highlight How One Tweet Can Have A Big Impact

Twitter has launched a new initiative called “Twitter Stories”, intended to show the world just how powerful a single tweet can be. The company is highlighting the heartwarming stories of individuals using Twitter to change their lives and the lives of those around them.

The inaugural group of stories launched on “Twitter Stories” are meant to represent “the humanity behind tweets that make the world smaller”.

On the “Twitter Stories” website, you can read and watch videos about the people who have used Twitter in a big way.

For instance, the first story is about a man who saved his mom’s troubled bookstore by tweeting about her plight (and offering to buy a burrito for anyone who spent over $50 at her business). His tweet got picked up by Portland locals, and eventually saw hundreds of retweets and convinced locals to visit – and effectively save – his mom’s store.

There are 13 other stories on the “Twitter Stories” website as of its launch, telling the Twitter-fueled stories of fishermen able to sell their catch before they return to port, a young woman protecting the victims of sexual harassment in Egypt, and the first tweet from space.

And of course, Twitter isn’t stopping there. The company is asking its users to submit their own “Twitter Stories”, either by tweeting to @twitterstories or using the hashtag #twitterstories and including a photo or video to illustrate the impact of Twitter on the world.

If you’ve got an interesting, powerful, fun or inspiring Twitter story to share, why not try to get it featured by Twitter itself? If you do submit your story, we’d love to hear about it here in the comments, too!