#Twitter4Brands Shares Some Statistics To Consider

Twitter held a #Twitter4Brands event during Internet Week New York, a week-long festival that started in 2008 and has become a wildly popular venue for all things digital.

Not surprisingly, Twitter’s event attracted marketers from more than 250 leading agencies and brand and #Twitter4Brands trended nationally on Twitter.

At the event, Twitter’s President of Global Revenue, Adam Bain, provided some key statistics on Twitter’s growth, which you’ll want to share with stakeholders who may still be on the fence about the platform:

Twitter has 140M+ active users.
55% of users access Twitter on mobile, with 40% growth quarter over quarter.
Twitter users create over one billion Tweets every three days.
60% of Twitter users tweet; 100% are listening.
79% of people follow brands to get access to exclusive content.
During this year’s Super Bowl, one in five commercials contained a hashtag.
Promoted Tweets get an average engagement rate of one to three percent.

There were also presentations from American Express and ESPN sharing the successes they’ve experienced by partnering with Twitter. If you missed them, check out our posts on American Express’ hashtag deals and the sports promotions ESPN recently launched for more detail.

Do any of the statistics above surprise you? Like the ‘100% are listening’ maybe?

(Advertising image from Shutterstock)