Why Twitter Is A Game Changer For Pro Sports [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve previously documented the impact that social media has made on the world of sport, notably in the way that it has allowed fans to engage with sporting organisations, teams and athletes, and vice versa.

The numbers are adding up: according to recent data, some 83 percent of sports fans check sports social media outposts while watching the game on television, and 63 percent will browse these channels while they’re actually in attendance.

Real Madrid soccer star Kaká recently became the first athlete on Twitter to reach 10 million followers, but he’s certainly not alone in his success. Many other sporting stars and teams boast huge followings on Twitter and Facebook, with no signs of slowing down.

This infographic takes a closer look at social media’s influence on the world of sport.

(Source: KT Tape. Sport image via Shutterstock.)