95% Of Online Conversations About TV Take Place On Twitter [STATS]

The official Twitter Advertising profile (@TwitterAds) has been sharing some choice data about everybody’s favourite micro-blogging social network and its impact on television, inasmuch as how Twitter has established itself as the conversation medium of choice for fans looking to chat about their favourite shows online.

The numbers are in, and they’re overwhelming: 95 percent of online public conversations about TV take place on Twitter, and 60 percent of UK Twitter users are active on Twitter whilst watching TV.

Moreover, 40 percent of all Twitter traffic around peak time is about TV.

This data comes courtesy of @TwitterUK, citing studies by SecondSync and Crimson Hexagon last year, and may well only be wholly representative of Twitter behaviour in the UK. Still, these are very impressive numbers, and they contrast wildly with data we looked at last week, which rated Facebook as far and away the most influential network for social television.

(Source: Twitter Advertising.)