Twitter Launches Interactive Small Business Guide

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Twitter Launches Interactive Small Business Guide

Today’s small businesses have it tough when competing with bigger firms. Whether it’s retail or services or something in between, a small business must have a solid marketing strategy in place to help build a relationship with their customer. Fortunately, a new interactive guide from the fine folks at Twitter is here to help a business build that strategy – no matter what level of understanding they’re at.

The interactive guide begins by asking you how well you understand Twitter. For each section, you’ll get four graphically rich tutorials about beginner, intermediate and advanced Twitter topics.

Twitter Guide

For each section, you’re able to click on a button to proceed to a relevant page somewhere in Twitter’s business or help pages.

The guide certainly illustrates how far Twitter has come from the simple messaging app it once was. A small business now has the option to utilize detailed analytics, specific advertising strategies and content calendars to support their business strategy.

In the intermediate bracket, there is an option to download the #MktgKickstart tool kit, which is a collection of useful tools to review your profile, create a content calendar and write tweets from template. This could definitely be something useful to hand to a new social media representative for your business.

You can start “The Small Business Guide to Twitter” here.

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